Thursday, February 14, 2013

Featured Wedding Couple - Abby and Kyle

To kick off our blog we thought it appropriate to start on one of the most romantic days of the year, Valentine's Day. We begin by featuring one of our many, lovely couples we have had the pleasure of getting to know and the honor of hosting their special day.

Recently, Abby and Kyle held their wedding reception at HORIZONS. The couple met in 2004 through their best friends. Their first date was a double date to the movies with the same friends that introduced them. They continued to see each other after that, the relationship grew and they became more serious.

Things were going well for Kyle and Abby. Abby received her degree in Dental Hygiene from Delta College in 2008, followed by a BBA Management degree from Northwood University in 2010. Kyle graduated from Northwood as well with a BBA Management Degree in 2009.

In November of 2011, Abby received a raise at work. To celebrate, Kyle suggested going to dinner in nearby Frankenmuth, a charming Bavarian community. Upon arriving at the restaurant they proceeded to get out of the car but before going in, Kyle quickly suggested they go on a horse drawn carriage ride and escorted Abby to an available carriage. The scenic ride was a memorable start to the evening. As they rounded the corner back towards the restaurant, Kyle bent down on his knee while inside the carriage and pulled out a ring. Abby, in astonishment, held her hands over her mouth and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! What are you doing?!" Kyle, grinning widely asked her, "Will you marry me?" Abby, with tears in her eyes and a huge smile on her face replied, "Yes!"

The date was set exactly one year later on November 3, 2012. Abby and Kyle were more than pleased with their wedding day. "It was everything we could have ever imagined and more. HORIZONS did an astounding job of making us feel like we were the Prince and Princess of the day. They went above and beyond to exceed our expectations and make us feel special. We have so many wonderful memories to take with us from this extraordinary day."

Abby and Kyle look forward to this new chapter in their lives and creating many more memories in the years to come.

And the Bride wore Blue

The bride wore a beautiful shade of blue. She had a stunning pair of heels in a vibrant blue and that color was carried throughout as the theme. HORIZONS was able to complete the color story from the floral to the lighting to the linens. The floral pieces had wonderful peacock feather accents as can be seen in the bride's bouquet and the groom's boutonnière. The linens made use of elegant chair sashes and table runners, again highlighting the blue color. The room décor featured blue specialty lighting throughout the ballroom giving it the right visual appeal. 

Additional elements included tall, cylindrical vases with long stemmed calla lilies similar to what the bridesmaids carried, placed on guest tables. A unity candle adorned with gorgeous, white flowers really dressed it up. Larger floral arrangements with elongated peacock tail feathers added a touch of glamour to the special occasion.