Monday, July 22, 2013

The Burlap Trend

There was a time when the humble fabric burlap would never have been considered being used at a wedding or special event. Times have changed considerably. This plain, brown fabric has turned into something more than ordinary. Burlap gets a makeover by combining it with other textures, colors, flowers, jeweled brooches, lace, and using it in unexpected ways. It is a fun material in its unexpected charm and complements many other materials nicely when given the opportunity.

We have seen burlap used in table décor, bridal bouquets, invitations, and other applications. The range can be from casual to more elegant in its use depending on the event as with other factors such as the time of day and the tone you want to set. Burlap is a wonderful neutral and can take on bold accents while holding its own.

A couple of samples of the many beautiful uses of burlap our clever designers have created for wedding related events...

Burlap is very versatile and if you have considered using it for a shower or bridal party or wedding you can see it has lots of potential. 

If you have questions or comments about this story, we welcome them. If you have held a wedding at HORIZONS or the Temple Theatre in Saginaw and would like to submit your story or photos, please contact your wedding coordinator, they would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cake and Flowers

Create a visually stunning cake in addition to intricate frosting patterns, gently placed cake toppers and carefully placed ribbons. Create an even more beautiful cake and additional height by adding coordinating flowers from your wedding between the individual cake layers. Your cake looks nearly double in size and it is a nice way to fill in between the tiers. It is a wonderful way to add color and elegance and tie in your theme on your special day.

Some examples of our bride and groom's beautiful wedding cakes of which we added fresh floral...

At HORIZONS, we work with our brides in selecting and choosing appropriate floral designs to suit their wedding cakes. Our in-house designer and florist  as well as our wedding coordinators are able to guide our couples in choosing flowers that are suitable and that will hold up well depending on how they are used. If you are needing flowers to last a few hours and would like them to look nice for photos, we keep that in mind. If you choose to use more delicate flowers, we consider where and how they will be used. We want everything to look fabulous when your guests arrive and when you look at your photos after the event.

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If you have held a wedding event at HORIZONS or the Temple Theatre in Saginaw, MI and would like to share your photos or story, we welcome submissions. Kindly contact your wedding coordinator for information. They would love to hear from you.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Coral - A Continuing Color Favorite

Coral is a very popular color choice among brides for spring and summer this year. It is a very stylish color this season and looks lovely on its own as well as when paired with other colors such as grey, white, fuchsia, yellow, green, navy, and teal. Many of our brides have used it in their floral, linen, décor, invitations, lighting, and tablescapes. You can even serve the color as a beverage to your guests.

We created a refreshing cocktail inspired by the gorgeous hue, the Coral Oasis. Serve to guests at a bridal shower, a rehearsal dinner, or as a theme signature drink for your special day. This specialty drink can be found on our Pinterest page at .

Be creative with your color theme.  There are numerous ways to add visual interest to your event, some being: favors, candy buffets, fountains, ice sculptures, centerpieces, colored water, candles, petals, ribbons, in addition to those mentioned above.

Our coordinators and design team have a passion and flair for making events special and beautiful and will be happy to assist you in achieving the look you desire. Contact us for questions or information, 989-799-4122.